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Interviewing Lancey Foux + Show, NAV Attempt, Don Toliver, FVDED in Park 2022 (Vlog)


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    In this vlog, Arshan reveals the story behind our recent Lancey Foux interview and talks about his experience trying to interview NAV. After meeting Lancey after his show in Vancouver, BC, Lancey showed appreciation to Arshan and KTO, and wanted to do an interview right then and there. However, in order to maintain the degree of sound and visual quality that Arshan values in his videos, he agreed to follow Lancey to LA to do the interview there. After flying to LA and meeting up with Lancey at Bugz Ronin’s mansion, Arshan finally got the interview, which you can watch now on our channel. 
   Soon after, Arshan describes flying back to Vancouver to attend the FVDED in the Park Festival, where he met up with SSG Kobe, Cochise, Yung Kayo, & more. He talks about everything he did to try and interview NAV, and tells a funny story about meeting Don Toliver (and his bodyguard). Arshan talks about his takeaways from his experience going to LA and the festival, and includes footage from NAV’s live performance. Watch the full vlog to hear the entire story. Kids Take Over is based in Vancouver, Canada.


0:00 – Finding out Lancey is coming to Vancouver 2:06 – People showing love to KTO 3:10 – Lancey shows appreciation for KTO, long convo about life 4:48 – Crazy live performance 6:50 – Lancey says “lets do an interview” 8:10 – Flying to LA 9:05 – Interviewing Lancey at Bugz Ronin’s house 10:06 – Trying everything to interview NAV at FVDED 10:55 – Don Toliver 12:25 – It gets worse, PLAN B 14:10 – NAV’s performance 14:50 – Lessons learned

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