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Wiz Khalifa on new album 'Multiverse,' Vinyl Verse tour, being a 'walking viral moment' & more!

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Throughout his decade-plus run in the game, Wiz Khalifa has broken the mold for what artists can and can’t be. If you’ve paid any attention to Khalifa’s moves in recent years, you’d know that the legendary Pittsburgh emcee has expanded his roots beyond 'Rolling Papers' in the booth. As an avid UFC lover, entrepreneur and father, it’s more than just the music for Wiz — who’s latest ventures have taken him to greater heights ahead of his new album 'Multiverse.' While the new record is slated for release on July 29, Wiz is constantly finding new inspirations to feed his passions. Amid a tight training regiment, endless recording sessions and getting his new psychedelic company 'MisterCaps' off the ground, Wiz embodies the hustler mindset in every regard — always striving to be the "that leader and that example that you’re looking for." "If you’re inspired by someone, take all the best sides of that person and add it to yourself — be what you want to be," he said. "You’re your biggest inspiration. If you’re doing the best for yourself, people will follow you and ultimately turn into their best selves. Be a good person and work hard." Sitting down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe, Wiz spoke on his upcoming album, his 'Vinyl Verse' tour with Logic, when he realized he was a business, the legendary company he keeps and much more in this special Our Generation Music exclusive.


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Hosted by: Hakeem Rowe

Shot by: Saint

Edited by: Sam

Wiz Khalifa

0:00 - Intros, going “Batman” on people 1:55 - Hakeem gives Wiz his flowers 2:17 - Wiz speaks on his viral weed cannon gun, story behind it 4:35 - His upcoming album “Multiverse” and the “world” he’s creating around it, new single “Bad A** B*tches” 9:35 - “What did you do different creatively on ‘Multiverse’ compared to your previous projects?” 11:45 - Wiz Khalifa on being a “walking viral moment” 13:00 - Building a cult fan base and the “love” and “hard work” it’s based off of 14:06 - Wiz’s impact on the culture, being “open” his entire career, early vlogs, “I know what feels right” 15:45 - “I’m always evolving,” Wiz’s different phases 17:10 - When Wiz Khalifa realized he was a “business” 19:02 - The importance of an engineer-artist relationship 20:55 - The Wiz work schedule and constant hustle he displays 22:05 - “What do you do when you don’t feel inspired?” 22:44 - Valuing his home life, 23:30 - More on Wiz’s ‘Multiverse,’ creative process, “Nobu music” 26:27 - Wiz’s thoughts on song structures and progressions, and “having to have a reason” to listen to 3-plus minute tracks 28:40 - ‘Multiverse’ cover art, the involvement of his team in every aspect 30:48 - “‘Multiverse’ is an event. You might meet your wife there.” 31:12 - Wiz announcing his ‘Vinyl Verse’ tour with Logic, the process of getting a tour in motion 32:45 - Wiz Khalifa on Playboi Carti 33:43 - Wiz on meeting Ken Car$on, “I like [his] sound a lot.” 34:33 - Being in great company when people think of weed: “Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, WIz Khalifa, Cypress Hill.” 35:50 - What is Wiz’s goal for ‘Multiverse’ 37:06 - Wiz on his old music, “I’m all about moving forward” 38:22 - TikTok’s power on the culture, Wiz’s views on social media 39:40 - Wiz on weed legalization, past pre-notions of it 40:50 - “MisterCaps” company, “rewired for everything,” misconceptions about the world 42:22 - “How do young artists build longevity like Wiz Khalifa?” 43:39 - Wiz Khalifa’s daily routine, workout regiment, “my favorite job is being a dad” 44:26 - Aspirations of getting into the ring to fight 45:02 - “Be nice!”