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Discontinued Cookies You'll Never Eat Again


Ever wonder why some of your favorite cookies seemed to disappear from store shelves one day? With fun names like Giggles, Magic Dunkers, and Yum Yums, how could they not have been a success? Watch our video to see if any of your favorites have gone missing!

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Oreo Big Stuf cookies | 0:00 Keebler Magic Middles | 1:28 Savannah Smiles Girl Scout cookies | 2:23 Nabisco Giggles | 3:20 Lunchables Cookies 'n Frosting | 4:17 Moon Pie Crunch | 5:19 Burry's Fudgetown cookies | 6:27 Iced Berry Piñatas | 7:37 Red Velvet Oreos | 8:29 Oreo Magic Dunkers | 9:28

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